Every Unit is monitored and controlled with a fully integrated GPS device specifically designed to meet and exceed all demands you require. The GPS unit is fully adaptable with all functionality to properly monitor and control equipment with off and on options, while if necessary monitoring your site with cameras packages from periodic monitoring to live stream. Some of the features our system can monitor and control are as listed:


  • Output Power
  • Input Power
  • Max. Power of last sweep
  • Vmp of last sweep
  • Voc of last sweep


  • Min. daily battery voltage
  • Max. daily battery voltage
  • Max. daily input voltage
  • Total Ah charge daily
  • Total Wh charge daily
  • Daily flags bitfield
  • Max. Power Out, daily
  • Min. battery temp. daily
  • Max. battery temp. daily
  • Faults, daily –
  • Daily alarms bitfield –
  • Cumulative time in absorption, daily
  • Cumulative time in equalize, daily
  • Cumulative time in float, daily


  • Lights
  • Cameras
  • Security
  • Functionality

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