#9, 11110 88th Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, AB   Canada  T8L 3K8
Office:  780-997-9490 

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#9, 11110 88th Avenue,

Fort Saskatchewan, AB Canada T8L 3K8

         Office:  780-997-9490      


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Spray Foam Insulation Division

HUNTER POWER ENERGY specializes in spray foam insulation, foam jacking and firestopping for commercial, residential and industrial applications. We use low pressure, environmental friendly spray foam which is applied as a liquid and hardens within seconds. Polyurethane  foam is a combined insulation/vapor barrier system designed to improve the  energy efficiency of buildings. It adheres to virtually any surface, providing a gap-free, airtight envelope of low permeability even under extreme climatic conditions, and does not support fungal growth. HUNTER POWER ENERGY's experienced and highly trained team always take pride in their work and will guarantee to provide you will the best possible service. If you need spray foam insulation or firestopping in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Midwest USA, please contact us for a free estimate.